BE@RBRICK Mister Cartoon x Kong

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Mister Cartoon and long-time friend Kong Karoon both share a love for street art, Japanese culture, and limited-edition collectibles. This is embodied in this collaboration of the tattooed BE@RBRICK, honoring culture from coast to coast, no matter where you are. Two icons come together to create a fusion of the LA Chicano style of black and grey fine-line artwork that is embraced within Thai street culture.

Kong is one of the largest BE@RBRICK collectors in the world and has designed multiple that represent Thailand, while Mister Cartoon has previously designed a candy-blue BE@RBRICK and has tattooed Kong multiple times in Bangkok over the last decade.

To seamlessly create this blend, the clown face make-up represents the agony and ecstasy of life, a classic staple found in Mister Cartoons artwork, the tattoos represent Bangkok and LA street life, and the tattooed BE@RBRICK design is the look of lowrider fashion that can be seen in LA, Tokyo, and BKK.

Limited quantity available! Choose one separately or pick up both before they're gone.


100% Height: approx 7cm tall

400% Height: approx 28cm tall


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